Christ dismantled the top-down hierarchy of the Law, with its static God pinned down in the Temple and its priests and power abuses, and put in its place an evolving network of the Spirit.

2000 years later it appears that this change needs to happen again.

The Complex Christ is a book about how such a transformation might take place. It argues that renewal of the Church will not be a revolution - precipitated quickly from the top down, but an evolution - a slow, viral change that transforms the very genes of the institution.

The book takes Christ life and passion as an archetype for change. Seeing the city space - the place where we are forced to interact with the 'other' - as the true home of the Church, The Complex Christ sets out how the urban church might find inspiration for renewal from the science of emergence.

This new science has focused on systems like our brains that 'self organise', not needing hierarchical strutures to evolve and grow. Drawing on these principles, The Complex Christ explores how we might move from becoming less of the 'machine of Christ' and more the 'body of Christ.'

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Kester Brewin is a teacher and founder member of Vaux, a community of artists and city-lovers based in South London.

Since 1998 they have been seeking the divine in the urban, and the book reflects something of their journey through art, urban theory, dirt, gift, poetry and liturgy. This is his first book.

He will be speaking on the book at
Greenbelt Festival.

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